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Call for address and information on merchandise. We work by appointment to provide the best quality service. Save money by buying from a wholesaler instead of the “big box” Dallas furniture stores. 

Hours of Operation

Appointment’s available Monday – Friday 12:00 – 5:00pm. Keeping our overhead low is essential to sell our merchandise at wholesale pricing to save customers money when it comes to furniture in Texas! 

Contact Us

We are an online vendor where we save you money by cutting out the middle man. There is not a store but there is a showroom where you can look at the products from the site first hand. If you’d like to get in contact, schedule a viewing, or have any other questions please call anytime at ( 469 ) 569 – 5930

About Us

Couch Farm was originally a brick and mortar store based in Richardson, Texas. However, we wanted to be able to help people find our furniture stores in Dallas for affordable prices throughout the area, not just Richardson. Call us today to learn how we save you money through our online store. How do we offer such low prices? You’re buying whole sale! We buy directly from the warehouse and distributers to save you time and money! Our main area of delivery is in Richardson, but don’t worry! We also serve many other cities including Frisco, Dallas, Allen, Plano, Highland Park Furniture and more! Couch Farm started around five years ago with Hank and James Gibson. Call today to learn more about how we can help you find your future couch, bed, or mattress.


One of the best ways to know about the quality of furniture in a store is to go through the reviews. Many online stores provide space for buyers to comment and review their products. In case you are unable to find reviews on the store’s website, you will probably see reviews elsewhere – like other review sites. This is another advantage online shopping offers as compared to the brick and mortar stores.

Product Price and Associated Costs

All of us love getting the best deal – whether offline or online. So it makes sense to compare the prices on different online furniture stores before making your choice. Keep in mind, there could be hidden expenses like delivery or return charges involved. Before hitting the payment button, ensure that you check the cost of shipping. If yes, is it a part of the total cost displayed on the screen or will be an additional charge that you will have to pay on arrival as well. Do a thorough check to avoid any “surprises” later.

Timely Delivery

Make sure that the delivery date is mentioned on the website is adhered to.  Read other buyers’ reviews before you make a decision. Be aware that it is normal for customized furniture to take more time- usually 8 to 16 weeks for home delivery.

Easy Returns/Exchange

It is not always that you have to keep what you are delivered by the furniture seller. You may find some issue with the delivered furniture item and may need to return it. In this scenario, the online furniture seller should provide you the option for easy & fast return/exchange.